• How do I know what size to order for custom sets?

If you are not sure about your size, the best way to find your size is to order our sizing kit. The sizing kit has one of each size nail so you can measure your nail size before ordering.  The sizing kit is only $5!!! 

You may also measure your nails by following the steps below and adding your size in millimeters to the Note Section of your order. **Please note, MonaePress will not be liable for incorrect sizing so be sure to measure accurately. **

  1. Place a piece of tape over your nail
  2. Measure the widest part of your nail by marking both sides with a marker
  3. Measure the marks with the millimeter portion of a ruler or flexible measuring tape.
  • What type of nail adhesive do I use and how long does it last? can use the following:

1. Nail Glue. Nail Glue will allow MonaePress Nails to last up to 1-2 weeks. Be sure to follow the full nail prep process to ensure long lasting wear.
2. Nail Adhesive Tabs. Nail adhesive tabs can help MonaePress nails last 1-2 days. These tabs are perfect for tempoary use and easy to remove and reuse.

3. Nail Glue and Nail Adhesive. You can use both nail glue and nail adhesive tabs together, for long lasting wear and to prevent nails from popping off randomly.

**Please note, the length of time the nails will last, depends on your preparation. PREP IS KEY!!**

  • Are MonaePress nails reusable?

Yes, our handmade nails are durable and reusable. These are not your average Plastic soft PressOn nails. Monaepress are Gel tips! Which means that they are high quality and long lasting.

Be sure to be careful during the removal process if you intend to reuse nails. To remove nail glue from under the nail, gently buff under nail and clean with alcohol wipe.

  • What comes with my nail purchase?

Each Purchase of MonaePress Nails comes with a cuticle pusher, buffer, alcohol wipes, glue, and nail adhesive tabes.

  • Cancellations & Returns?

We accept cancellations within 24 hrs of purchase. Custom products are non-refundable and Non-Returnable.

Please note, there may be slight variations of colors as presented on the site so be sure this is acceptable.

MonaePress will not be held responsible if the wrong sizes are ordered. Please provide accurate nail sizes to ensure satisfaction. 

  • Where do I send Custom Orders?

Please send all custom orders to monaepress@gmail.com, or feel free to send a direct message to Facebook or Instagram. @monaepress