About Us

MonaePress, LLC was created by, Jakeena Holmes, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jakeena’s love for nail trends began as child. Accompanying her mother at the nail salon biweekly grew an excitement to wear acrylic nails. By the sixth grade she was allowed to wear acrylic nails and never turned back. 

As she grew older, Jakeena started creating nail art for herself, with the help of her mother, who later earned her license as a nail tech. During the COVID-19 pandemic nail salons closed and Jakeena stumbled upon store-bought Press-On nails. With large nail beds, it was hard to find Press-On nails with Accent nails that fit her finger in stores. As a result, Jakeena began designing Press-On nails of her own.

Jakeena always prayed for a second stream of income using her creativity. She also wanted the second source of income to serve women, as her first passion was being a Domestic Violence Advocate. Therefore, creating Press-On nails for women seemed to be the perfect business venture. Jakeena looks forward to finding ways to align her love for Press-On nails with her passion of advocating for victims of Domestic Violence in the near future.

 Please follow us on Instagram @monaepress; Facebook @monaepress, and email monaepress@gmail.com.